Make every day Father's Day

Dad. He's a real life action hero, a human jungle gym, the king of one-liners, a sensational story-teller, and the ultimate example of hard work and dedication. He's the one that simultaneously protects his family at all costs, but can turn into a living roller coaster of fun with a snap of his fingers. The unconditional love and support he shows his family is the perfect example of the blend between strength, kindness, and pure joy.

Celebrate Dad, on Father's Day and every other day. He deserves it!


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tie it up

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tell the truth

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Top it off

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take it easy

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for the kids

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Dads Love Treadinglemmings!

This tie and matching kid’s bow tie was perfect for my husband’s first Father’s Day. They looked so adorable dressed alike from head to toe and the ties were like the cherry on top! Really good quality ties. I will be ordering again.

Meagan O.

Every year I get my men matching ties for Father's day. Treadinglemmings never disappoints, and this year was no exception. Always good quality.

Amanda C.