About Us


Thank you for being here! We’re excited to be setting ourselves apart in the clothing industry by making high-quality, fashionable apparel for boys. A major part of who we are is supporting those in need and saving lives. Click here to learn more about how 100% of our net profits are used!

You might already know more about us than you think. Our team is made up of parents like you who love their little boys (and girls) and the crazy adventures that "happen" to follow them! Here is a little more information about why we started and what makes us unique. 

Making fashionable, affordable apparel for boys

Being parents ourselves, we discovered how hard it was to find classy or trendy clothes for little boys. Going through the boys section at a store felt like an endless loop of football shapes, cartoon animals, and neon green. Not that there’s anything wrong with the occasional lion-face knee patch, but we’ve found a certain feeling- a special feeling-  that comes from seeing our little guys in some modern joggers and a trendy v-neck tee; or slim-fit slacks and an actual necktie just like his dad! 

We also know that our kids are an investment. We spend a lot of time, energy, and money to help them live their best life! We truly want you to have the experience of seeing your boy wear fashionable clothes and explore his own taste in what he wears- which is why we’ve become the high-quality, low-cost company we are today. We all know they grow SO fast and because of this, we’ve made every item affordable with You in mind.

"We’ve found a certain feeling- a special feeling- that comes from seeing our little guys in some modern joggers and a trendy v-neck tee."

Being Unique

Think about how special and unique your little prince is. He is unlike any other kid you’ve ever met. Whether he’s sweet, funny, wild, intelligent, or all of the above, you want him to feel like he’s loved and appreciated for who he is. Not only that, but what is it that makes your relationship with him special? You’ve created games, nicknames, routines, and traditions together that make your bond unlike any other parent and child. 

We’re inspired by the fact that every boy is unique, and by every parent/son relationship that comes from it!

Our goal is to design clothes that magnify his personality! We want him to be unique, and to stand out in the best way. We’ve studied, designed, and innovated boys apparel. We only make clothing that will look good, feel good, and most importantly show the world the good in your little prince. Our designs are 100% original, originating from the minds of our lovely mom designers, and are created to ensure the comfort of our little wearers. You will constantly find details that are there for the convenience of parents and little boys, such as extra length in dress shirts to be easily tucked (and stay tucked!), functioning buttons and pockets, pre-rolled sleeves, and adjustable waistbands to fit your child’s specific size.

Celebrating Our Boys

We hope to be a reminder that within every day, regardless of mundane tasks we all have, there is an opportunity to celebrate.

Celebrate firsts: When your baby boy gets to come home for the first time after being born, or you take him out to meet your friends for the first time. When he takes those precious first steps or says “dada” so clearly that your heart bursts with excitement. We live for these firsts and want to celebrate them with you! You’ll never have to worry about those first pictures, videos, or announcements if you get to dress him exactly how you want to. 

Celebrate life: We want to celebrate the moments they laugh, say silly things that don’t make sense, learn something they didn’t know yesterday, give you a hug without you asking for it, and every other little thing we love throughout the day. Everything we do is to celebrate boys and their dads.* We do this through every product we design, every post we make on social media, and every word we write. Tell us what you celebrate and what you love! Interact with us and we’ll always make you a priority. We want to celebrate with you! 

"We're inspired by the fact that every boy is unique, and by every parent/son relationship that comes from it."

We hope this helps you know us better as a company, thank you for taking the time to be here!

*As full supporters of gender equality, and equality in general, we’re here as a loving voice to this specific dad-and-son relationship. This can apply to anyone! Single-mothers, grandparents who have taken on the role of parents, and all other parents regardless of gender or sexual orientation. 

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